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  How It Works  


Washington DC nightlife at your fingertips


NightPrivy has teamed up with the hottest clubs and lounges in the DC-area to provide a one-stop solution for evaluating, planning, and booking an enjoyable night out.


Why You Want Bottle Service


Bottle service typically includes a reserved table for the patron's party, alcohol, and mixers of the patron's choice. Bottle service is the preferred method of nightlife for patrons because it combines the enjoyable aspects of a general night out, with the exclusivity and unique experience that is VIP. Translation: no waiting in line for you or your friends!


Evaluate and Plan


NightPrivy brings your favorite DC clubs and lounges to one place, allowing you to find out what’s going on in DC on any day of the week. You can evaluate your options by searching for nightlife by city, date, or venue, giving you the ultimate access to the best DC has to offer.




Each establishment lists all of their available tables, with the appropriate descriptions, pictures, and prices attached, allowing you to make an informed decision about where to spend your hard earned money!


Most listings are grouped by tier (price & location) and contain an image of a floor plan and table identifiers denoted by #. With this arrangement, you can see the area where you will be spending your evening (Please see the note at the bottom of this section for more details).


When booking a table on NightPrivy, you have the option of simply making a reservation or paying for your entire night in advance (subject to club preference). However, please note that the pay-in-advance feature does not include tip for your host/hostess for the night.


Note: While we will make every effort to honor your requested area, exact table placement is at the sole discretion of the club and often is not determined until the night of your reservation. 




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