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  Getting Started  


To create your account choose the “Register” link on the header navigational bar or use any of the links available on the home page.


When registering you will be asked to complete a short form which includes standard information such as your contact details, preferred login credentials etc.


Mandatory fields include:-

  •  Name
  • City
  • State/Province/County
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Username & Password
  • Email Address
  • Confirmation of terms an conditions acceptance


Once registered you will receive E-Mail confirmation.


Should you encounter any registration difficulties please contact us.



Place a Bid 


Placing a bid on an item you are interested in couldn’t be easier, when viewing the item details page you will have two areas from where you can place your bid, one next to the item details and a second at the bottom of the page.


To place your bid simply enter the amount you wish to bid e.g. 50.00. Please note no currency symbols are required. The bid will be placed in the auction currency.


Once done you will be asked to review your bid and you will also be able to view vital item details. To submit your bid simply press the “Place Bid” button.


If your bid is high enough to take the lead in the auction a confirmation message will be displayed to you, however if your bid has not taken the lead be it due to a higher proxy bid or not meeting the reserve price you will be invited to make a further bid.


You can also place a proxy bid, proxy bidding allows you to place your “High Bid”. At all times you will only pay the lowest required bid should you win the auction. For example, if the current bid on an auction is 500.00 you can place a proxy bid of 2,000. Should you remain the only bidder you will only pay 500.00. However should the item receive other bids the site will automatically re-bid for you (upto 2,000 in this scenario) to ensure you remain in the lead.


Buy It Now


If the option is available you can use “Buy Out” to purchase the item immediately without having to place a bid. Some sellers offer such an option which can be used at any time until a bid has been placed over any applicable reserve price.


The “Buy Out” option will appear on the item details page, you will be asked to confirm your intention to buy out the item before the sale is concluded. Buy outs cannot be retracted.




In order to redeem  your table, bring your (printed or emailed) proof of purchase with you


when you arrive on the designated evening.