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WASHINGTON, DC, June 16, 2012  For years, the way people plan and experience nightlife has lagged far behind technology. Riddled with misinformation, obfuscation, and frustration, individuals looking for a full-service experience have had no idea where to turn for the truth. Recently, that trend has been changing, with similar ideas being pitched on popular shows such as ABC’s Shark Tank. The leader of that movement in the Washington DC-area has been NightPrivy (www.nightprivy.com). Positioned as a 1 stop shop for information, deals, and reservation-making, NightPrivy aims to change the way that DC residents and visitors experience nightlife in the city. In conjunction with an official launch on June 26th, NightPrivy is also proud to announce a partnership with Josephine Nightclub and Lounge.


Founded by 3 DC-area entrepreneurs and life-long friends, NightPrivy brings clarity to full-service nightlife, combined with the fun of eBay-type auctions.  


“The process of searching, reviewing, and selecting a place to go out can be an intimidating one, especially for someone who is relatively new to the process” says Ryan Beal, NightPrivy’s Marketing Director. “NightPrivy is the first-of-its-kind in DC in working as an aggregator of the hottest nightlife venues in the area, allowing users to search and book completely online.”


Despite boasting one of the strongest economies in the nation, as well as one of the most educated, Washington DC is often overlooked as a major metropolitan area. With a diverse and vibrant community of young professionals, as well as some of the best universities in the US located within its metro area, choosing to focus its efforts here was an easy one for NightPrivy.


“We wanted to bring innovation to the nightclub arena and we believe that we have created a product that has done just that,” says NightPrivy’s President, Julius Stewart. “We’ve essentially created the Kayak of nightclub reservations, with a twist. Not only can users search and reserve, but we’ve cultivated a true marketplace where buyers can engage with our site and participating nightlife venues by bidding for services. So far the response has been strong and we have no reason to believe that our momentum will do anything but continue to rise.”

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